Degree Levels

Those interested in earning an online business degree can choose from many different degree levels. At the undergraduate level, students have the option of either associate or bachelor’s degrees in business. At the graduate level, students can advance their business education and earn an MBA or DBA. How far you choose to take your business education will depend on your career goals, business interests, and academic record.

  • AA

    An Associate of Arts in Business is a solid degree choice for students who want to complete a degree more quickly and launch their business careers.

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  • BS

    A Bachelor of Science in Business is one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees offered today.

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  • MBA

    A Master of Business Administration can be a smart move for business professionals who would like to advance into upper management at their organization.

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  • DBA

    Business professionals who are looking for an alternative to a Ph.D. in business may wish to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration.

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