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  • Winning at Their Own Game: The Business Benefits of Gamification

    Fun and games go hand-in-hand, and businesses have started to harness the power of that winning combo for their own benefit. This clever pairing is officially titled gamification: The use of game mechanics in a non-game setting. These “mechanics” are put into a context for a business’s benefit and consist […]

  • The Next Investment Frontier: Why Business Majors Should Have Their Eyes on Africa

    Africa used to be seen as hopeless by the business world, but it’s now becoming the next frontier for investment.

  • The Future of Paper Currency –

    Technology is quickly changing the world when people can go to school online at American Intercontinental University, Baker College, Colorado State University, George Washington University, amongst many others, and lots of other things are changing quickly too. Today’s paper banknotes and wallets full of plastic are just another stage in […]

  • Bakeries Owe Their Success to Social Media –

    Who doesn’t want to share the sweet, warm goodness of a freshly-baked cookie or an icing-topped cupcake after a long class day at Walden University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Norwich University, Ashford University, Kaplan University or anywhere? A poster child for potential marketability, many bakeries around the […]

  • Race Between FTC Regulations And Ecommerce –

    E-commerce is big no matter where you live: Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Arkansas, Connecticut, Mississippi. Since the early 1990s when commerce was first allowed on the web, the Internet has become a singular pathway to an endless array of products and services. Consumers want to know they are protected online, and […]

  • 12 Recommended Financial Industry Blogs –

    These days, financial professionals can consult countless web resources to get hourly updates on market fluctuations or go straight to the blogs of industry experts for high-level analyses of what those fluctuations mean. The web has made it both easier and harder for financial professionals to stay ahead of the […]

  • What Can Do for Small Businesses

    In order to reach the fastest growing economies in the world, small businesses have to navigate the international export market. Although confusing at first, economic terms and analysis and the labyrinth of U.S. export laws can be mastered once you know where to look. At, small businesses find the […]

  • The Future of Big Data

    Big data is gathered from numerous sources, including your smartphone and sensors in the ocean. Discover what this data is used for and the concerns it is raising.

  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Resume Without Lying

    Whether it’s beefing up your skills, reformatting your resume, or adding some extra experience, we’ve got seven great ways to boost your resume truthfully.

  • Post-Natural Disaster Tips: How to Rebuild –

    It’s a financial, emotional, and physical struggle to get back to business after a natural disaster, but it can be done!