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  • Degrees That Give Business Grads an Edge –

    There is probably not a coherent person around who isn’t aware of the prevalence of social media in today’s society. Think about it. What individual or organization doesn’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter account? What business owner isn’t on LinkedIn? Savvy businesspeople know if they want their businesses […]

  • The 7 Hottest Tech jobs Requring Degrees –

    A new year is approaching and for many, especially recent college graduates of online schools like Ashworth College, Western Governors University, University of Southern California, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Penn Foster College, this will also mean the start of a job hunt. A bachelor’s degree is an […]

  • Business Benefit of Cyber Security Degrees –

    As social media presence increases and technology continues to evolve, cyber security plays an increasingly significant role in business. As that role increases, the workforce is going to be seeking out employees who are competent in cyber security. Bachelor’s degrees in cyber security can open the door to numerous careers, […]

  • Degrees Leading to Business, IT Careers –

    Computers and their inner workings not only play a major role in people’s everyday lives, but they also have a significant impact on the daily functions and operations of a business. People interested in learning more about this might consider pursuing a degree in computer information systems (CIS). Computer information […]

  • Hospitality Management Degrees Boost Career –

    Whether spending one night at a hotel while traveling on business or spending a week at an all-inclusive resort on family vacation, consumers want a pleasant experience. This usually means well-kempt living arrangements and efficient, friendly service. Herein is the importance of hospitality—or lodging—managers, an integral part of the service […]

  • Ammunition for Business Careers –

    Business degrees are the most sought after degrees by online college students. Many different areas of study fall under the umbrella of business, allowing for a variety of options for students to pursue. Those who pursue a degree in marketing can graduate and pursue jobs such as marketing research analysts […]