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  • Student Spotlight: Amlan Datta, NCentral U –

    Amlan Datta earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Calcutta in India and has not one, not two, not three, but four master’s degrees: an MBA in marketing, an MBA in management, a master’s in economics, and a master’s in education. The married father of one daughter has 21 […]

  • Student Spotlight: Erika Pacheco, Kendall –

    Erika Pacheco, 35, spent nearly 10 years living in Mexico and almost a year living in Vancouver. While in Mexico, she attended Universidad del Valle de Mexico – Aguascalientes pursuing a degree in international relations. Pacheco speaks Spanish and English, is conversational in French, and is learning Portuguese. She specializes […]

  • Student Spotlight: Ben Spencer, ASU –

    Ben Spencer began his college quest at Bennington College in Vermont, studying theater and directing. However, he decided online education was a better fit for him and he is now pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management from Arizona State University Online. Spencer, 30, currently works in […]

  • Student Spotlight: Dawn Biggs, Kaplan –

    Dawn Biggs, 44, began Kaplan University in October 2011. The married mother of five children has an associate degree in veterinary technology and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting through Kaplan University. What made you choose this particular school? Biggs: “I chose Kaplan because of the interactive […]

  • Student Spotlight: Stacie Bias, WGU –

    Stacie Bias, who hails from the small town of DeQuincy, La., began pursuing a nursing degree from McNeese State University in 1992, but chose not to finish after deciding the program wasn’t right for her and that she was unprepared for college. After several years, a few relocations, and a […]

  • Student Spotlight: Sawyer Gould, Penn –

    Sawyer Gould, 26, is a project manager for Wells Fargo and is admittedly very engaged in his career. He completed a semester at The University of Iowa, and two semesters each at Moberly Area Community College and Des Moines Area Community College before enrolling in Penn Foster College. Gould is […]

  • Student Spotlight: Don Savoth, Harrison –

    Donald Savoth, Jr., 39, is a father of four boys, who range in age from five to 16. His occupation is in machine operation, but he is currently on layoff status. He has been married to his wife Lisa since 2003. Recently, Savoth made the decision to pursue a college […]

  • Student Spotlight: Kathleen Sullivan, Class of 2014, Kaplan University

    Kathleen Sullivan is a 42-year-old wife and mother of two boys who lives in Massachusetts. Several years ago, she attended a community college, but did not complete her associate degree in marketing. After the death of her father in late 2009, Sullivan made the decision to return to school. Having […]

  • Student Perspective: Colleen Goddard –

    Immediately after graduating high school, Colleen Goddard attended a small, private four-year college full-time for one year. For several years after that, she attended school at night part-time, while working full-time in the insurance industry. She earned the equivalent of two years of undergraduate credit before family life took over. […]

  • Student Perspective: Patricia Hughes TWU –

    Patricia Hughes earned her bachelor’s degree from a traditional four-year university, but she turned to online education to pursue her graduate degree. She earned her master’s through a program completely online and is currently pursuing her Executive Master in Business Administration through a hybrid program. For Hughes – who is […]