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  • Financial Resources for Military Students –

    What resources are available to military students in terms of financial assistance? For military students looking for financial assistance, I would always recommend completing the FAFSA first. This will allow them to receive any grants that they may be eligible for. The military has so many different resources that are […]

  • WGU Scholarship For Military Personnel –

    In an effort to help service members in the National Guard as well as anyone in the military reserves pursue a higher education, Western Governors University has announced a new scholarship. The WGU Reservists and National Guard Scholarship will be awarded at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels to National […]

  • Survey: Military Vets Highly Marketable –

    A majority of employers would likely hire a military veteran over another equally qualified candidate, according to a new study by CareerBuilder. The survey found that 65% of employers would most likely hire a military vet. Additionally, 29% of employers said they are actively recruiting veterans to work for their […]

  • Online Degree Flexible Option for Military –

    A growing number of students are turning to online for their higher education. Among these students are the people who serve and protect our country. Military learners often benefit from the flexibility of online courses. This was the main reason why Brad Cordell chose to pursue his degree online. Cordell, […]