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  • Follow the Business Leader: @andreahoffman

    Andrea Hoffman is on the recruiting trail. She has been working for since April 2007 and has moved from community relations manager to director of industry solutions and sales. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Iowa in 2004 and began her career in sales […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @SimonTheTam

    Here’s a follow that is music to the ears – sort of in a literal sense. Simon Tam is a man who is doing a bit of everything, and successfully. He is the president and founder of Last Stop Booking, a booking agency that represents numerous international artists. Tam is […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @FOCUS_geek

    It’s the end of the year, so it may be time to get focused. A little play on words. But for Matthew Meuleners, there is little play when it comes to focus, or FOCUS, a consultation firm of which he is an executive partner. Along with being the company’s executive […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @comediandan

    For those business people also looking for a good laugh, look no further. Dan Nainan is a successful comedian known for his clean acts. The Manhattan-based funny man recently performed for President Barack Obama and tours the globe performing. For the University of Maryland graduate, it may all be funny […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @StartupSavvy

    Knowledge is power, or so the saying goes. Aundrea Wilcox has taken the time gain plenty of knowledge and it’s obvious what follows suit. Wilcox is the executive director for the Office of Small Business Development & Entrepreneurship for the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce, but she gets her name […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @jordancjohnson

    Jordan Johnson knows how to get around in the business world and he’s working to help people get around as well. He is the co-founder and president of Totuit Mobile App Architects, which is a mobile applications tech company directed toward the business industry. His company offers two products – […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @sherylsandberg

    Sheryl Sandberg is well-known for her work with Facebook as its chief operating officer. She was hired by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, while she was employed at Google as its vice president of global online sales and operations. Before her time at Google or Facebook, she served as Chief of […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @stevewoda

    Steve Wodahas spent most of his career in the buyer transaction data industry and is the President and CEO of, an online company that creates a tool for parents to set protective controls on social and mobile platforms. He also founded buySAFE, Inc. Woda, a senior bond underwriter for […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @tyabernethy

    Ty Abernethy is the vice president of operations at Take the Interview, a video technology platform that automates the job candidate screening process for companies. After earning his BBA in Marketing from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, he began working as a recruiting manager for CHASE Professionals, […]

  • Follow the Business Leader: @jeffweiner

    If you know anything about business and social media, then Jeff Weiner is a recognizable name. Weiner is the CEO of LinkedIn, the business professional’s social networking platform. Before starting the social platform, he worked for Accel Partners, Greylock, and Yahoo! Weiner earned his BS in Economics from the University […]