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    Out of all the helpful money management tools, these are the seven best budgeting apps for your iPhone.

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    To understand the basics of managing money, every college student would be wise to read these personal finance blogs.

  • Interactive Site For College Planning –

    Preparing for college can be an uncertain time for students and parents. Concerns about college costs rank high in priority during this time. In an effort to help American families reach their college savings and planning goals, Private College 529 Plan—a prepaid college tuition plan owned and operated by more […]

  • 7 Investing Tips for Financial Rookies

    The following seven tips will help you get started as an investor, whether you have $20 or $20,000.

  • Student Borrowers Lack Financial Aid Info –

    A significant amount of student borrowers lack adequate information about financial aid and student loan options, reveals a new report by NERA Economic Consulting and Young Invincible, a youth advocacy organization. The report, titled Lost Without A Map: A Survey About Students’ Experiences Navigating the Financial Aid Process, includes survey […]

  • Hispanic Grads Financially Savvy –

    The majority of Hispanic college graduates consider themselves to be disciplined financial planners, according to research released by Northwestern Mutual and conducted by independent research firm Ipsos. The research reveals that – in regards to their financial planning habits – 62% of Hispanic college graduates consider themselves to be disciplined […]

  • Parents: College a Priority, Cost a Concern –

    A majority of parents think it’s important for their children to earn a college degree, but many parents are concerned they may not be able to afford to send their children to college, according to a recent report by EARN Research Institute. The report, titled Saving for Higher Education in […]

  • Financial Savvy of African American Grads –

    The majority of young African American college graduates consider themselves more financially disciplined planners than their predecessors, finds a recent report by Northwestern Mutual and independent research firm Ipsos. According to the survey, 70% of African American college graduates aged 18-34 described themselves as disciplined or highly disciplined financial planners, […]

  • American College to Use $5 Million Donation to Create Doctoral Program

    With a generous $5 million donation from New York Life Insurance Company, Pa.-based The American College of Financial Services will implement a new 12-course doctoral degree in business administration. The school will begin accepting applications to the program in October. Students who want to apply have to hold a bachelor’s […]

  • Sallie Mae Advises Students: Refund Checks –

    With a tough economy and the all of the costs associated with college, it can be quite tempting for students to squander their refund checks on things other than what they are intended for, that being out-of-pocket educational expenses. Sallie Mae encourages students to fight the urge to use the […]