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  • Business Owner Befriends Taxpayers –

    Nobody wants problems with the IRS and for eight years that included problems with Michael Raanan, who served as a revenue officer for the small business/self-employed division of the IRS. “Dealing with the IRS can be an emotionally – not to mention financially – draining experience for most taxpayers,” Raanan […]

  • Board Members Think College is Too Pricey –

    The cost of attending college has proven to be an issue for parents and students alike. Although some schools’ efforts to implement tuition freezes and lower tuition might help ease the financial strain, the reality is many people simply are unable to afford a higher education. A recent report by […]

  • Finances Cause for Stress for Most Students –

    Though it may come as no surprise that financial stress is a top area of concern for a majority of college students, a new survey released by the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) finds that financial stress can greatly hinder students’ academic performance. In the report, which includes results […]