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  • Define Terms: Mortgage Contingency Clause –

    If you plan to purchase a home now or in the future, you need to be familiar with a mortgage contingency clause. It basically serves as a protectant for the home purchaser. A mortgage contingency clause basically states that if a prospective homebuyer is unable to get approved for a […]

  • Business Term to Know: Badwill

    Like the name implies, badwill is definitely not a positive for a business. It refers to the negative effect a company experiences when shareholders and investors discover the company has done something which is not considered a good business practice. It’s more favorable for a company to have goodwill rather […]

  • Business Term to Know: Active Attack

    In the cyber world, an active attack refers to several attempts to alter system resources or affect their operations by introducing invalid data into a system and/or to damage or destroy data already stored in the system. The threat of active attacks is all the more reason for a business […]

  • Business Term to Know: 403(b)

    Sure, most everyone has heard of a 401(k) retirement plan, but what about its distant cousin, the 403(b)? A 403(b) is a tax-deferred retirement plan specifically for employees of public schools and nonprofit organizations. Consisting of annuities and/or mutual funds, these plans allow for investing to generate income when the […]

  • Business Term to Know: Niche Marketing

    Niche marketing involves focusing all of your marketing efforts into one particular group or segment of the population. Strategically, businesses can pinpoint niches by identifying the needs and wants of consumers that other businesses are not addressing, and then plan their marketing strategies around that group of consumers. For example, […]

  • Business Term to Know: Breach of Contract

    This occurs when the agreed-upon terms or conditions of a legal binding contract are violated. Breaches can range from minor offenses, such as a late payment, to more serious offenses. If this happens to you, there is an option to take the violator to court and sue but be sure […]

  • Define Terms: Click Through Rate (CTR) –

    CTR is the percentage of visitors to a website who click on an advertisement to visit that advertisement’s website. It is a method of measuring how successful a company’s online advertising is.

  • Business Term to Know: Ecopreneur

    Much like an entrepreneur, an ecopreneur launches and operates his or her own business. The distinguishing characteristic of ecopreneurs is that they purposely conduct business in a manner that is eco-friendly, using sustainable business practices and products. Some examples of ecopreneurs’ businesses are green construction, stores that sell organic foods, […]

  • Business Term to Know: Roth IRA

    An IRA is an individual retirement account, and this one was introduced in 1998. Account holders are able to make contributions to their account, but withdrawals are taxed until they reach 59 and 1/2 years old.

  • Business Term to Know: Naked Strategies

    Winter is on its way and the last thing anyone needs is to be left out in the cold, naked. But this is the risk one takes when using naked strategies. These strategies are used when a person uses a long call, short call, long put, or short put strategy […]