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  • A Guide to Filing Patents

    So you’ve got a brilliant idea? Now patent it! This guide helps you understand the process of filing for a patent to protect your invention.

  • How Not to Blow Your Job Interview

    Job interviews can be a source of anxiety for applicants, and understandably so. In a competitive job market, applicants don’t want to misstep or make a mistake in the interview that could cost them a potential job. But according to a survey released recently by CareerBuilder, at times interviewers have […]

  • Practical Advice for the Aspiring Marketer

    Familiar with the slogan ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?’ Well, so is Rachelle Maisner. In her job as an interactive producer, she worked closely with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to develop its digital marketing strategies, which included the famous Vegas campaign. Maisner is now a […]

  • Business Owner Befriends Taxpayers –

    Nobody wants problems with the IRS and for eight years that included problems with Michael Raanan, who served as a revenue officer for the small business/self-employed division of the IRS. “Dealing with the IRS can be an emotionally – not to mention financially – draining experience for most taxpayers,” Raanan […]

  • 91% Expect No Trouble for Family Businesses –

    Perhaps 2013 is the year for the American family business. A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) finds that U.S. family businesses are more optimistic about their growth outlook than their peers across the globe and stand ready to face the obstacles and challenges ahead. The Global Family Business Survey revealed […]

  • Business Degree Helped His Comedy Career –

    Dan Nainan still remembers the advice Jerry Seinfeld gave to him early in his career: keep the comedy clean and you’ll work anywhere. Turns out Jerry was right. In his eight years of doing standup comedy, Nainan, 31, has performed for audiences all over the world, including President Barack Obama. […]

  • Career Advancement Through Online Classes –

    In today’s competitive job market, it’s advantageous for workers to stay one step ahead. Whether by acquiring new workplace skills or furthering their education, Americans are aware that growth of their knowledge and capabilities is imperative to have longevity in their careers. Eighty-nine percent of working Americans believe there is […]

  • Sales Experience Valued in Business Careers –

    At age 24, Brendon Marks is already blazing his trail in the financial world. Marks graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics with an emphasis in financial applications and works as a wholesaler for a boutique mutual fund manager. In his position, he’s involved with sales and business development, as […]

  • Entrepreneur’s Degree Helps Fulfill Dream –

    Early on in her career path, Jessica Baker did what she thought would make her money and what she was good at. Sounds like a simple recipe for success. “As a result, my personality was stifled. Most everything I did was because I thought I should, and I woke up […]

  • Business Owner Credits Degree for Success –

    Family-owned businesses continue to be the cornerstone of the American economy. According to the Small Business Administration, in 2011, family businesses comprised 90 percent of all business enterprises in North America, and 62% of total U.S. employment. Among the many challenges of owning a family business, is ensuring those at […]