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  • Undergrad Prep for MBA: Tips From the Dean –

    How can I prepare for my MBA as an undergraduate business student? Students who adopt an early educational game plan will have far greater academic success than their peers who give minimal thought to the process. The first step in formulating an academic strategy for success at the MBA level […]

  • Why Is Accreditation Important? –

    What should students know about accreditation and why is it important? The number of academic business programs offered worldwide is consistently rising. In the United States alone, there are more than 5,000 business degree granting institutions (U.S. Department of Education, 2011). Such rise is due in large part to the […]

  • How to Select a Degree Concentration –

    Can you explain the differences between concentrations in management and administration? Great question! Business administration and business management share many of the same attributes. But there are some distinct differences, too. As a fundamental definition, business administration is a broad area that primarily focuses on the understanding of business processes, […]

  • Why All Students Should Apply for FAFSA –

    Why should all students, even those who think they do not qualify, apply for financial aid? A huge misconception when it comes to financial aid is that only people that have no income or little income will be eligible. This is not true and in fact everyone is eligible for […]

  • Financial Resources for Military Students –

    What resources are available to military students in terms of financial assistance? For military students looking for financial assistance, I would always recommend completing the FAFSA first. This will allow them to receive any grants that they may be eligible for. The military has so many different resources that are […]

  • Financial Aid for Non-Traditional Students –

    What tips can you offer specifically for online students applying for financial aid? For older working adults that are taking online courses, it is important to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. I always suggest applying for the FAFSA at the time that you file taxes. This way it […]

  • Top 5 FAFSA Application Mistakes –

    What are the top five mistakes you see students make when filling out their FAFSA applications? The top five mistakes that I have seen when students complete the FAFSA would be: Failing to thoroughly read the FAFSA. This is the main cause of minor mistakes made on the FAFSA. Placing […]

  • Lessons From a Nonprofit Entrepreneur –

    What are some things you learned from starting your own nonprofit that you can share with other aspiring entrepreneurs? Starting a nonprofit is certainly a journey of ups and downs where you learn a lot. Ultimately, I learned what it really takes to grow a business, which in the end […]

  • The Nonprofit Entrepreneur: Sustainability –

    How can budding nonprofit entrepreneurs plan to have a sustainable social enterprise? Nonprofit entrepreneurs can make their social enterprise sustainable by having an actual business model in place. The main reason nonprofits fail is because they have no plan to generate income on their own and instead focus too much […]

  • Nonprofit Entrepreneur Tips: Social Media –

    What kind of role does social media play in your nonprofit? How can businesses use social media as a way to leverage themselves? Social media plays a large role in, especially since we are a web-based nonprofit. Sites like Twitter and our Facebook page are great for getting our […]