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  • Midterms Studying Advice from Admissions –

    What advice can you offer to business students preparing for midterms? Oh, midterms…How we love thee. Midterms are fun. Right?!? Well, perhaps they’re not fun, but whether you take classes online, commute to school, or live on campus, everyone has midterms. The good thing is that they shouldn’t come as […]

  • Advice on Which Organizations to Join –\

    Which organizations would be beneficial for business students to join while enrolled in college? It’s important to join many different programs and organizations while you are in school for various reasons. There are many organizations out there, so you’ll have many options to choose from. For example, there are many […]

  • Admissions Counselor Question: Degree Focus –

    Is there a benefit to selecting a concentration or specialization with a business degree? How should students choose? Picking a concentration or specialization is important for prospective students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, but should not be chosen hastily. Selecting a concentration is important because it not only focuses […]

  • Advice From Admissions: Student Checklist –

    Is there a checklist that students should follow before even beginning their degree search? Selecting a school is an important decision and one that is not to be taken lightly, as the school you choose will significantly affect your path in life. Be sure to prioritize what’s important to you […]