Careers in Mgmt Info Systems (MIS)

Professionals in the field of Management Information Systems (MIS) are in charge of all computer-related activities within an organization. MIS professionals have gained in popularity within the job market over the past decade or so as computers continue to play a central role in most businesses and organizations. Management information systems professionals play a vital role in every aspect of business for a company, ensuring the security the organization’s network and electronic documents, assessing the costs and benefits of new technology projects, and negotiating with various technology vendors to find the best service and products for their organization.

In many ways, management information systems professionals are responsible for how smoothly an office runs behind the scenes. Because so much of business is married to computer and Internet technology today, without the expertise of a management information systems professional, offices and organizations would fail to accomplish many (if not most) of their objectives.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the median pay for a management information system professional at $115,780 per year in 2010. This number is a median projection and should not be a level of expectation for individuals interested in the management information systems profession. Job projections for these types of careers are strong in the economy today, estimated at an 18% rate of growth in information management systems jobs from 2010 to 2020, according to the BLS. This growth projection is slightly faster than the overall average job growth (14%) expected in the next decade for all jobs in the United States.

Required Education for Management Information Systems

Most MIS professionals have a bachelor’s degree in some area of computer or information science related field. Academic courses in computer programming, software development, computer system organization, networks, data structure systems, operating systems, and much more are required for MIS students. Each of these specific classes is typically covered within a general four year computer science degree program. Some universities offer specific computer-related business classes for students interested in the management information systems profession.

Many companies and organizations seek information system managers who have completed coursework in a graduate program for MIS or have specialized certifications. Many universities and colleges offer traditional and online master’s degree programs in management information systems. MIS master’s degrees vary in their duration and coursework, but can be extremely marketable in a competitive job market. A traditional or online master’s in business administration (MBA) is also fairly common among individuals in the MIS profession.

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