What Do Businessmen Do?

Businessmen and women work in a variety of fields including health care, finance, education, construction, and investment. Business careers range in level, responsibility, and experience, and have many specializations. Depending on the industry, experience and education of the individual, business people work to make sure all areas of a department are running efficiently and productively. Business people must oversee employees, delegate tasks, plan for objectives to be met, and hold responsibility for meeting financial and production goals. In small offices, business professionals may manage accounts, appointments, human resources, and daily office operations.

From sales to marketing to accounting, the field of business offers solid job opportunities with room for advancement. Business jobs often offer employees excellent benefits and exciting opportunities.

Business Degrees

To earn an attractive employment position in the field of business, prospective employees should have a degree on their business résumé. Popular business degrees include:

Bachelor of Arts, Business: A four-year program, the bachelor of arts in business can advance a business career by expanding practical skills in financial accounting, management, and human resources. Job opportunities for graduates of a BA program include human resources specialist/manager, IT manager, accountant (with other certifications), and operations manager.

Masters of Business Administration: An MBA program is a two-year, postgraduate degree that specializes in a particular niche of business. Some concentrations include accounting, human resources, or operations. Business employment opportunities expand greatly with an MBA, including lucrative positions such as business analysts, entrepreneurs, and vice-presidents of human resources, information technology, or operations.

Ph.D., Business: A Ph.D. program in business provides the student with long-range, in-depth education, and practice in a high-level arena of the business world. Graduates of a business Ph.D. program gain the opportunity to move into the highest levels of management and administrative positions. Career opportunities include company president, board member, vice president of a particular department, and professor of business studies.


Specialties in business include the following:

Accounting: Accounting professionals manage day-to-day finance of a business, along with long-term investing, taxes and employee compensation and benefits. Accounting professionals are detail-oriented, can handle multiple complex tasks, and are comfortable with math and statistics.

Human Resources: Human resources professionals manage employee issues, employee training and goals, and recruiting. HR professionals have excellent interpersonal skills, are proactive, and have solid communication skills.

Operations: Operations managers are responsible for overall efficiency in managing a company, from process to internal communications and technology. Operations professionals are critical thinkers who have a passion for solving problems and creating optimal processes.

Information Technology: IT professionals manage all aspects of technology within a company. This is a strong area of growth across most fields of business. Individuals with strong IT experience on their business résumé have an excellent chance of finding meaningful work.

Administration: Administrators or administrative assistants manage the processes in relation to the transfer of information from one department to the next. Administrators are detail-oriented and have excellent communications skills.

Project Management: Project managers are responsible for the strategy and implementation of individual projects. Common industries for project managers include construction and IT.

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