Winning at Their Own Game: The Business Benefits of Gamification

Fun and games go hand-in-hand, and businesses have started to harness the power of that winning combo for their own benefit. This clever pairing is officially titled gamification: The use of game mechanics in a non-game setting. These “mechanics” are put into a context for a business’s benefit and consist of rewards, incentives, challenge, and a touch of whimsy. As common sense would have it, when businesses inject elements of fun, competition, strategy and rewards into their products and processes, they win too. Take the classic example of McDonald’s and their perennially popular McDonald’s Monopoly board game. Customers buy menu items to earn playing pieces. The more playing pieces they collect, the greater their chances of winning free food, trips or a car. This game was a huge hit — customers loved it and would frequent the stores more often. Since McDonald’s fun promotion started back in 1987, a number of companies have started to see the correlation between games and business goals. Whether growing a more devoted customer base, a larger community or a deeper recruitment pool, businesses have seen benefits from gamification. Take a look:

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