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Meet Megan Pittsley-Fox. She’s a 30-year-old Bay Area resident who’s currently living her dream as an entrepreneur. Not only is she a resume writer and career coach in her own private practice WorkLife Careers, as well as at a remote outplacement agency, she does recruiting part-time at a Silicon Valley technology startup.

Fox, who earned her bachelor’s degree in management and public policy with an HR focus online from Fisher College, said as a career coach and resume writer, she gets to work from home while helping people find rewarding careers they love.

Would you consider this your dream job?

Fox: “I’ve definitely found my niche and my dream – who doesn’t want to have such work-life balance, flexible schedule, and good earning potential? Not only that, but I get to help others make their dreams come true, which is extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Having a career that makes you feel accomplished and positive at the end of the day is truly gratifying.”

How did your business degree help you in your career?

Fox: “Just about everyone needs a bachelor’s degree these days to be successful. Those without a degree don’t even come close to having the same number of opportunities or compensation potential as those who do. My online education allowed me to work full-time during the day so that my career wouldn’t suffer from taking time off. I could continue building hands-on experience and growing in my field while slowing chipping away at obtaining my bachelor’s. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

What business skills did you acquire in school that you’re able to use in the daily operations of your business?

Fox: “I received a well-rounded business education with some quality hands-on projects such as business plan writing, marketing campaign creation, and business idea mock-ups. Even the classes I hated (like accounting!) I use today. Every company is a business, so by having a strong grasp on all business concepts, I’ve been able to see the bigger picture, no matter what piece of the puzzle my job is focused on. Because of this point of view, I’ve been able to participate in larger strategy discussions and overall business planning for many of the small companies I have worked for.”

Do you plan on pursuing any more business degrees? Why or why not?

Fox: “No – I don’t really need one to continue being self-employed. Now I am focused on online certifications specific to my field.”

What advice would you offer to someone who is stuck in a job they don’t really care for, and has entrepreneurial aspirations?

Fox: “I would definitely recommend getting a well-rounded (affordable) business education, as well as participating in inexpensive SCORE workshops and free business counseling. They have been invaluable resources. If you can, it’s good to start out small and do your work part-time if possible, growing the business in a sustainable way while you have stable income elsewhere. It’s also really critical that you perform strategic career planning activities and document your plans and goals, so that you can remain focused and accountable in reaching them.”

What are your future business plans?

Fox: “I’m actually planning on moving to Hawaii for a year or so with my new husband sometime late next year and continuing my remote career coaching and resume writing business – following dreams!”

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