Financial Resources for Military Students –

What resources are available to military students in terms of financial assistance?

For military students looking for financial assistance, I would always recommend completing the FAFSA first. This will allow them to receive any grants that they may be eligible for.

The military has so many different resources that are available for students looking to further their education. Military OneSource is a great place to start. The programs that are offered here can be for active duty and even for active duty spouses. Scholarship sources range from Wal-Mart to Chevron.

The best place to look for scholarships that fit the needs of military will be Fastweb. At this website, it will ask you a series of questions and based on the answers to those questions, it will show you a list of scholarships that fit your description. Many people do not apply for a lot of the scholarships, making it easier to receive the funds that are being offered.

GI Bill and Post 9/11 benefits are also something to look at when funding education. Make sure that you know what you are eligible for and contact your VA representative at your school for more information. Children of military backgrounds may even be eligible for the Hazelwood Grant, which was enforced after the Hazelwood Act. Additional information on this can also be given by the VA representative at your school.

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