Added Value of Online Learning Strategies –

Increasing the opportunities for online learning is key to ongoing sustainability and survival of institutions for higher education, according to Roger Brinner, chief economist at The Parthenon Group.

According to a press release by The Parthenon Group, in a recent address to 30 university presidents and leaders in the New-England area, Brinner stated that strategically utilizing online learning opportunities will help increase student access to college, maintain the quality of instruction and reduce college costs.

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Brinner shared that people tend to try to further their education during times of economic downturns, but with the slowly rebounding economy and students being wary of education debt, college and university leaders need to adapt and remind students of the value of a post-secondary education. He said this can be done through improved outcomes and reduced costs.

“The confluence of flat or declining enrollment, unsustainable tuition inflation, the government fiscal crisis, and mounting student debt has created a severe business headwind that will not be resolved through ever higher tuition,” Brinner said in the press release. “To say that this is a difficult situation would be an understatement; it means education leaders must find new ways to operate. Simply increasing prices is not an option.”

Brinner said projected enrollment trends are expected to remain flat for the next five to seven years.

“Though the current situation is dire, decisive action now, notably by embracing the promise of online learning, will benefit individual students and universities in the near term,” Brinner said. “But more important is that these investments will pay priceless dividends to society as a whole for generations to come.”

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