Lessons From a Nonprofit Entrepreneur –

What are some things you learned from starting your own nonprofit that you can share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Starting a nonprofit is certainly a journey of ups and downs where you learn a lot. Ultimately, I learned what it really takes to grow a business, which in the end is what a nonprofit is all about. The key areas I’d like to really emphasize to aspiring entrepreneurs are two-fold: 1) Take risks and 2) build a great team to support you.

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, and just because your business is a nonprofit doesn’t make it an exception. In fact, it’s even more risky, as it will be that much harder for you to raise money and find dedicated people to help you build a lasting organization. However, don’t let these hold you back as there is a solution to every problem you will face.

Team – the team that is behind you is critical as an entrepreneur. No one can do everything alone, so you need to recruit a group of passionate people to be with you through the ups, and especially the downs.

Edited by Valerie Jones

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Andrew Wilkinson began his career working as a Silicon Valley engineer in the high-tech industry. He also spent time as a management consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies before his foray into nonprofit entrepreneurship. Wilkinson is currently the executive director and co-founder of StudentDonate, a nonprofit whose mission is to help students afford a higher education.