Nonprofit Entrepreneur Tips: Social Media –

What kind of role does social media play in your nonprofit? How can businesses use social media as a way to leverage themselves?

Social media plays a large role in, especially since we are a web-based nonprofit. Sites like Twitter and our Facebook page are great for getting our message out to people, interacting with those interested, and keeping them up to date on the student debt crisis and issues surrounding it. It helps our users and community members feel engaged and in touch with our cause.

Businesses can use social media—weather Facebook, Twitter or other tools such as blogs—to build a community around their product or brand. People want to be able to interact with companies these days, not just be anonymous shoppers. By building a community surrounding it, you help build loyalty to your company or in the case of a non-profit, to your cause.

Edited by Valerie Jones

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Andrew Wilkinson began his career working as a Silicon Valley engineer in the high-tech industry. He also spent time as a management consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies before his foray into nonprofit entrepreneurship. Wilkinson is currently the executive director and co-founder of StudentDonate, a nonprofit whose mission is to help students afford a higher education.