Ask the Nonprofit Entrepreneur: Best Advice

What is the best advice you were given in college that you use today with your nonprofit?

The best advice I was given in college in terms of entrepreneurship was to constantly experiment and always be aware that while you may have a solution to something, it isn’t necessarily the best solution. This advice has been invaluable at by always keeping us on our toes, and we are constantly looking at new ways to solve old challenges better.

For example, we went through eight different iterations of our homepage before settling on our current design. Our first public homepage did okay, but wasn’t generating the traction we were looking for, and for some test users was confusing. Rather than just stick with it and say, ‘it’s good enough since it works,’ we doubled down and looked for a better solution. Flash forward several versions later, and we have our current homepage which we are much happier with and solves the problem of helping users understand how we can help them.

Edited by Valerie Jones

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Andrew Wilkinson began his career working as a Silicon Valley engineer in the high-tech industry. He also spent time as a management consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies before his foray into nonprofit entrepreneurship. Wilkinson is currently the executive director and co-founder of StudentDonate, a nonprofit whose mission is to help students afford a higher education.