8 Small Business Organization Apps –

Apps come and go. An app hyped as the next big thing for small business owners can be gone in a flash thanks to bugs and a thread of comments from pissed-off users. However, there are a handful of well-designed, genuinely helpful apps out there that continue to be downloaded and used by small business owners. Whether you’re a sole proprietor and work at home or manage a staff of a growing company, the following eight apps will help you organize your small business.

  1. Bump:

    Bump has been around since 2008. The app allows you to trade contact information and a photo, copy you’d traditionally find on a business card, by tapping or “bumping” your smartphone with another. The app works with Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems and even after more than a billion downloads is still free.

  2. Google Drive:

    The popular Google Docs recently morphed into Google Drive, which is available for free as an iOS app. Google Drive is partly a cloud storage feature that allows users to upload and store 5GB of files for free. Google apps users can use Google Drive to collaborate on documents in real time, which eliminates the need to email documents back and forth. Google Drive currently allows more than 30 file types to open natively in your browser.

  3. Square:

    Square is a great app for businesses that need to process transactions away from a traditional store front and cash register. Say you’re selling clothing, art, or whatever at an outdoor festival and don’t want to deal with the hassle and danger of having a lot of cash on hand for change. Square for iPhone, iPad, and Android allows you to accept and process credit and debit card purchases. If you download and use the app for free, Square will take 2.75% of each transaction. But Square waives that percentage entirely if you pay them a flat monthly service fee of $275. Not a bad deal for outdoor vendors or any business or nonprofit that hosts events in a variety of locations.

  4. Evernote:

    Evernote remains a very popular app for digital note takers. The app allows you to create and archive notes you’ve typed out or recorded as voice memos, as well as grab and save webpages, excerpts from webpages, photos, and pretty much any other type of Internet content. You can also synchronize your notes across your devices. Evernote is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone as a free advertising-supported or paid download.

  5. Skype:

    Skype’s face-to-face calling can save you and your business a great deal of money that might otherwise be spent on long-distance (calling from Delaware to Kentucky or Michigan to Nebraska) and international charges. Skype’s free app allows you to make unlimited calls and IM using your BlackBerry, Android smartphone from Verizon Wireless. The Skype app is also available for other devices, including iPhone, Symbian, and Android. There are a variety of inexpensive plans available to Skype users, plans that for instance allow you to call landlines or cell phones of non-Skype users, so take time to research Skype’s website to determine what is best for you and your business needs.

  6. QuickBooks Mobile:

    If you’re familiar with QuickBooks, check out and download QuickBooks Mobile to help you manage your financial records, including invoices, sales data, and bank balances, while on the go. The app is available for iPhone and Android and after a free 30-day trail is only $9.95 a month.

  7. Expensify:

    As an alternative to Quickbooks’ mobile app, you might consider Expensify for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, which comes highly recommended by its users. Expensify allows you to snap pictures of or scan receipts and upload them to your account, and offers “seamless” integration with Quickbooks. But unlike QuickBooks Mobile, it’s free.

  8. Hootsuite Mobile Apps:

    Social media is an effective not to mention cost-free, way to market your business and connect with your customers and network with other business owners. But let’s face it, you can waste hours out of your day logging into and updating three, four, or more different social media platforms. Hootsuite streamlines this task by allowing you to manage all of your social networks within a single dashboard environment. It’s available as a free app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.