Take a Break!

If you’re pursuing a degree in business, working long hours probably isn’t anything new for you. If you one day find yourself (or perhaps you already do) regularly pulling long hours at the office—whether your office is an actual office, your home, or even a coffee shop with your computer—then try to remember the power of taking a break. Studies show that taking regular breaks in your work actually makes for much better progress. A “break” can be anywhere – a 10-minute walk around outside to enjoy the sunshine in Texas or California, enjoy the view of the mountains in Arizona or Colorado, or it can be a 30-second stretch session at your desk. There are benefits to both short breaks and long ones—even a 15-second break can reduce your fatigue. While many workers are reluctant to take breaks, feeling that it cuts into their productivity, the opposite is actually true: Breaks are good for you, and they make you an overall better worker. The following infographic takes a look at the benefits that come from taking a break, whether long or short. Whether you’re trying to break into the business world or you’re already overseeing multiple employees, this infographic is a good reminder for both you and your colleagues to break regularly and promote productivity and good health.

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