7 Office Survival Tips From Kindergarten –

If you remember sandbox rules, you can make it in the professional world. While office life may be difficult at times, there’s nothing you don’t have in your tool kit to weather the ups and downs of the 9-to-5 grind. With a little bit of reframing, and remembering to mind your manners, your kindergarten self can provide the guidance necessary to survive office life anywhere – Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, etc.

  1. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

    One thing no office worker or kindergartner likes: a negative Nancy. If you can’t say something nice, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. There are times when you will need to vent about office frustrations, but save them for out-of-office interactions with neutral parties. It’s not that difficult to grin and bear normal office frustrations, such as a micromanaging boss or an annoying teammate. If you can’t listen to The Thumper Defense and learn a little something from Bambi, you probably don’t belong in a cubicle. Or the sandbox.

  2. Share.

    It’s the No. 1 rule of kindergarten, and office workers should be reminded of it often: Share. Whether it’s supplies, resources, or simply a kind word — sharing makes for a nicer office, and a nicer life.

  3. Keep your hands to yourself.

    While it’s a good rule of thumb for keeping the peace in kindergarten, it’s also necessary for office life. Especially if you don’t want to get sued for sexual harassment or theft. Keep your hands to yourself.

  4. Do unto others…

    It’s called The Golden Rule for a reason: It’s not a bad idea to follow, all the time. If you want to stay gold, remember to treat others as you yourself would want to be treated. Whether that’s kindly or in a hands-off fashion is up to you. You’re a grown-up now.

  5. Early to bed, early to rise.

    While your office probably isn’t where you sleep, it’s always good to get a full night’s rest before tackling a work day or week. Burning the candle at both ends can increase absenteeism, making you tired and less prepared to tackle the tasks you face during office hours.

  6. Don’t be a crybaby.

    Nobody likes a crybaby. If you have an issue in your office, bring it up to your boss in a professional fashion. Don’t whine and complain with no intention of solving your problems — nobody likes a complainer, either.

  7. Use your words.

    In kindergarten, this usually means resolving conflicts without resorting to a temper tantrum. In office life, this can mean the same thing. If you’re having a personal issue with a coworker, make sure you talk about it like adults. Or kindergartners. Whatever works best for all parties involved. There’s nothing more unattractive than an adult with a childlike temper, and there’s nothing your workplace can do about a problem without a conversation.