Small Businesses Investing In Social Media –

Social media is on the rise among small businesses, according to a recent survey by VerticalResponse, a provider of marketing solutions for small businesses.

The survey of 462 small businesses examined just how much time and money businesses spend on social media today. According to the findings, 66% of small businesses are spending more time on social media than a year ago. Additionally, 43% spend six or more hours per week on social media while 25% spend six to ten hours a week on social media. Fifty-five percent of small businesses have a blog.

Ninety percent of small businesses are on Facebook and nearly 70% are on Twitter, with 34% who reported they post to Facebook several times a week and 21% reported they tweet on Twitter several times a day.

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In addition to increased use of social media, the report also found that small businesses are spending more money on social media. More than 22% reported an increase in their social media budget compared to one year ago. However, 29% reported an increase in their overall marketing budget compared to a year while 17% reported a decrease.

Also, 36% of small businesses reported paying for publishing and analytics tools and of those businesses, nearly 58% spend $26 or more per month.

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