Tech Market Bloggers You Should Read –

Amazing technological advances seem to have become the norm in the last 10 years. What used to be the stuff of science fiction, video phones, hand-held data devices and cars that run without gas, are now common place. To keep up with the most important and exciting technological developments, consumers need to follow tech market bloggers like the informative professionals listed in this guide.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Computing and Tech

The folks at engadget love their toys. An online magazine since 2004, engadget provides daily coverage of the latest developments in computers, phones and other consumer electronics. Engadet readers browse galleries, read reviews and watch podcasts and videos on everything in computing and devices. Engadget tailors pages to particular audiences including Mobile and HD feeds, as well as versions in Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Spanning topics from social media to entertainment, Mashable is one of the web’s best tech blogs. Mashable provides daily reporting and reviews on the latest in tech, computers, tablets and operating systems. Advice on the best apps, tips on navigating social media and top picks in consumer electronics are some of the services Mashable provides. Readers also learn about trending topics in the net’s biggest social free-for-alls: Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
Energy and Energy Conservation

Both the green and the practical have opinions on energy production and use. At The Oil Drum, readers can gain insight and knowledge about energy’s present and future. Its mission is to mediate a reasoned and civil discussion on energy based on evidence and not hyperbole. With a staff of geologists, chemists and mining engineers, readers are sure to get posts from an industry perspective, although with all information based in science.

The Energy Collective is written by a group of independent, professional scientists, policy makers, activists, entrepreneurs and executives. Although covering a wide range of topics, the collective breaks posts out by subjects such as fuels and the grid. Posts are also devoted to innovative ideas like rare earth metals and smart cities. With daily articles on a variety of subjects, readers can quickly learn about the latest in energy thinking.

Environment and Environmental Quality

Former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore keeps readers up-to-date on the latest environmental issues with his Al Gore’s Journal. Recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Price for “informing the world of the dangers posed by climate change,” Gore makes near daily posts on his blog. The focus of most articles is on environmental threats caused by human activity. Readers can also learn what they can do to help the environment on the Take Action portion of the blog.

At Watts Up With That? the curious can keep current on the latest in climate science and global warming. Writer Anthony Watts brings his 25 years of on-air experience as a meteorologist to the task. Watts specializes in presenting weather and climate data in ways that make it easy for regular folks to read and understand. Avid climate followers will appreciate the free World Climate Widget as well as the Global Climate Portal app for iPhone.

General Science

For the latest in science news, check out Not Exactly Rocket Science. Ed Yong is an award-winning writer who has had articles published in the Guardian, The Times and Wired. Ed’s quirky and scattershot approach exposes readers to topics as diverse as genetics, earthquakes and forensic science, all in the same post. Those looking for particular topics can find posts through the well-organized archives.

Science blogging from the hipster perspective may be found at Science Punk. Writer Frank Swain finds and posts the weird and esoteric in the science world. Although posts do not come daily, they are so unique and compelling that readers forgive the hit-and-miss reporting. With post titles like Shoes with Human Teeth and Little Cakeshop of Horrors, the Science Punk is sure to entertain and inform.

Health and Medicine

Readers can find daily tips and up-to-date news on staying healthy on the Dr. Weil blog. Dr. Andrew Weil’s unique approach to health focuses on nutrition and prevention. With daily advice on diet, exercise, stress reduction and integrative medicine, readers can learn about staying healthy without relying too heavily on traditional medicine. Daily posts focus on topics such as anti-inflammatory foods, proper use of dietary supplements and natural remedies.

Well-known and respected, neurosurgeon turned reporter Sanjay Gupta produces a high-tech health blog. Supported by CNN’s website, Dr. Gupta’s articles are actually short videos posted every few days. Covering topical issues like traumatic brain injury and the meningitis outbreak, Gupta’s blog is a must-view for readers looking for coverage of recent medical news stories. Interested readers can also access archive stories and interviews with health-related newsmakers like Michael J. Fox.

Additional Tech Resources

The Library of Congress Science Reference Service is a great place for researchers looking for the latest information on science and health topics.

The White House’s Office of Science, Technology and Innovation advises the President of the United States on the effects of technology on national and international issues and posts some of its efforts online.

What is more techie than NASA? Readers learn of the latest developments in space, technology and aeronautics and access gorgeous satellite and space probe images and videos.

Covering science topics from around the globe, National Geographic presents the latest in science news with award-winning photography and in-depth reporting.

Wired has been reporting on the latest in technology and computing since 1993.

Podcast enthusiasts can find a wealth of technology presentations at NPR.

Readers learn how the latest developments in technology affect the markets in real time at MarketWatch.