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What advice can you offer to business students preparing for midterms?

Oh, midterms…How we love thee. Midterms are fun. Right?!? Well, perhaps they’re not fun, but whether you take classes online, commute to school, or live on campus, everyone has midterms. The good thing is that they shouldn’t come as a surprise, as your professor will have them clearly marked on your syllabus. Therefore, it’s important that you take time to prepare for them and not procrastinate. Here are a few tips to help you ace your midterms:

  • Ask your professor ahead of time what material you can expect on the midterm. While some professors will tell you to read all of your notes since the beginning of the semester, others will get pretty specific with actual questions that will be on the exam.
  • Ask to meet with your professor or professor’s assistant to cover the material together. If they agree, you’ll have quite the edge.
  • Don’t wait until the night before and pull an “all-nighter.” First off, you’re not going to retain much of the studying that you’re doing, but most importantly, you don’t want to be a zombie the next day while you’re taking your midterm. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before, so you’re well-rested on mid-term day.
  • Study with a partner. Take turns testing each other, and help each other out with concepts that the other may have a better understanding of. Plus, different perspectives on the lectures and two sets of notes are better than one. Groups of three or more aren’t usually as effective, as too many people can present more distractions than not.
  • Take breaks. Don’t wear yourself down. If you’re studying by yourself, every time you find your mind wander while you’re studying, take a walk, go visit with a friend, or watch some TV. Do something to keep your mind off studying and looking at the same material for extended periods of time.
  • Don’t waste your time on the internet looking for answers, or an easy way out. Your professor has covered the material in class and via your textbook, not Google.

Preparation well ahead of time is crucial to your midterm success. Be sure to communicate with your professors and see what information or help they’re willing to provide. Start your studying well before midterm-eve, and find a study partner; but don’t study until you’re falling asleep with your nose in your book. Most importantly, just think of how wonderful it’s going to be when your midterms are behind you.

Edited by: Valerie Jones

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Chris Lipari has experience as a career advisor, helping everyone from students to C-level executives construct their resumes, prepare for job interviews, and find careers. He has spent the last 12 years as an admissions director for various colleges and universities. Lipari is also the creator of Mach Interview, a system designed to help schools increase job placement rates.