8 Personal Finance Blogs Every College Student Should Read

College is the perfect time to start understanding how to handle your personal finances. The money habits you start now will likely stick with you when you enter the real world and have a lot more money to keep up with. To understand the basics of managing money, including budgeting, saving, and building credit, every college student would be wise to read these personal finance blogs. Just consider it another component of your college education regardless of where you go: Colorado Technical University, Grand Canyon University, Keiser University, Northeastern University, Rasmussen College, etc.

  1. My Two Dollars:

    This blog is filled with easily applicable tips for college students that will transfer to your adult life. Get financial advice you can use today like how to save money on groceries, how to get discounts on your cable bill, or what you need to know renting your first apartment. More serious topics like tax deductions, bank accounts, and getting out of debt are also sprinkled in.

  2. Mint Life: has become a go-to resource for all kinds of people looking to keep an eye on their spending. This free tool keeps track of purchases and helps you set a budget, sending you alerts when you’ve gone over budget for any category of spending. Turn to the site’s blog for the full financial picture, with advice on everything from coupons to home buying.

  3. Bargaineering:

    You can turn to Bargaineering for some money-saving tips, but this site offers a lot more than that. Teach yourself about CDs, savings, bank deals, and more on this blog. It’s all broken down into easy-to-understand language so you won’t feel like you’re in an upper-level economics class!

  4. Man vs. Debt:

    The mantra of this blog is one that a lot of college kids probably admire: “Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.” Man vs. Debt started with one man’s journey (OK, his wife was involved, too) of getting out of debt and building his assets by living simply and being honest about his finances. For college students, this blog is a great read to show you how possible it is to pay off student debt while still living your life and may inspire you to stay out of consumer debt in the first place!

  5. Get Rich Slowly:

    Get Rich Slowly covers everything a college student needs to know to always make ends meet. Whether you want to start a savings account, stay out of debt, or just make small budget changes, this site has advice for the best overall personal finance strategy. Find the best credit cards, savings accounts, insurance, and more for your wallet.

  6. The Motley Fool:

    If you’re hoping to make a million by the time you’re 30, you may want to start investing as early as possible. The Motley Fool can get you started and help you continue to make sound decisions with your investments. Many people see investments as the best way to maximize their incomes while doing what they love, so if that sounds like your kind of goal, invest some time perusing this website.

  7. WiseBread:

    “Living large on a small budget.” That sounds like college kids, alright. This money and lifestyle blog is a great addition to anyone’s bookmarks, but students will find some of the articles especially helpful. Learn where to save money, where to splurge, and how to get the most out of your financial strategy.

  8. Hey! It’s free!:

    What do college students love more than sleeping late, canceled class, and caffeine? Free stuff! This blog gives you daily updates on what you could be getting for free. If it’s something that you’d be buying anyway, that totally counts as budgeting.