Expert Advice for Studying: Midterms –

For college students across the nation, midterms are fast approaching and can be a source of stress for those with less-than-stellar study habits.

Jay Chakrapani, study expert for McGraw-Hill Education, offers the following tips to college students preparing for midterm exams:

  • Don’t Cram. Plenty of sleep is critical to academic success. Students should keep a consistent study schedule leading up to their exam and get a good night’s sleep to ensure positive results.
  • Seek Out Effective Study Tools. Whether it be by using flash cards or re-reading passages in a textbook or e-book, students should find the study tools/habits that work best for them.
  • Jump Around. Many students review material in the order in which it was taught, going through notes in a chronological order. This method of study can be restrictive because students are forced to remember content in the order it was studied. Some students may benefit from studying “out of order” where standalone knowledge is more likely to be retained in a randomized way, similar to how many tests are designed.
  • Power Down. Though this is the age of digital multi-tasking, doing so could inhibit a student’s ability to retain and accurately recall information. During crunch time, students should opt for a quiet environment void of any digital disturbances.
  • Books, Then Bed. Students should review difficult material prior to bedtime, provided a student is mentally and physically strong before hitting the pillow. This is because challenging information is oftentimes easier to remember after a good night’s rest, as the brain typically consolidates facts in your memory that are freshly accessible the next day.

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