Admissions Counselor Question: Degree Focus –

Is there a benefit to selecting a concentration or specialization with a business degree? How should students choose?

Picking a concentration or specialization is important for prospective students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, but should not be chosen hastily. Selecting a concentration is important because it not only focuses your skills in a specialized area, but makes you far more marketable in that specific field. For example, as an employer, if I am looking for a Supply Chain Manager, and I must choose between two equally qualified candidates; however one has a business degree with no concentration and the other holds a degree with a Supply Chain Management concentration, my choice should be fairly easy.

Focusing your skills in a specific area can lead to a fast-track on your career path as well. Being knowledgeable in a certain specialized field, as opposed to knowing a little about many different areas in business, makes you an expert and authority in that particular field, and can lead to higher-level positions, quicker. Keep in mind, however, that by selecting a concentration, you are narrowing the scope of positions that you will be marketable for. So, it is important that you take ample time in making your decision, and weigh your options carefully to ensure that you’re selecting the proper fit for your career path.

When making this decision, think of your long-term goals, your strengths, and most importantly, what you truly enjoy doing. For example, if you like the idea of being your own boss, and are looking to eventually start your own business, then concentrating in Entrepreneurship will help you build the necessary skills to write a solid business plan, acquire the appropriate funding for your business, and launch a successful start-up. Choosing a concentration for your business degree can make you more marketable, and put you on the fast-track on your career path, but when selecting your specialization, be sure to consider your goals and passions in life to make your concentration fulfilling and rewarding.

Chris Lipari has experience as a career advisor, helping everyone from students to C-level executives construct their resumes, prepare for job interviews, and find careers. He has spent the last 12 years as an admissions director for various colleges and universities. Lipari is also the creator of Mach Interview, a system designed to help schools increase job placement rates.