Majority of Students Unprepared for College –

Less than half of college bound high school seniors who took the SAT are academically prepared for college, according to a new report released by The College Board.

The report, titled “The SAT Report on College and Career Readiness: 2012, found that only 43% of Class of 2012 seniors met the SAT College and Career Readiness benchmark of a 1550 SAT score. This is the same as 2011, which also saw 43% reaching the benchmark.

The benchmark was created to measure college readiness for a group of students. Research showed that students who met the benchmark score of 1550 were more likely to enroll in a four-year college, had higher first-year GPAs, and were more likely to remain for a second and third year than those students who did not reach the SAT benchmark.

SAT success is closely related to the type and rigor of course work students take in high school, the study found. Students who met the benchmark were more likely to have completed a core curriculum. Since 2008, critical reading scores have declined four points, writing scores have declined five points, and math scores have remained stable.

More than 1.66 million Class of 2012 students took the SAT, making it the largest class in history. This was also the most diverse class of SAT-takers in history, with 45% of test-takers identifying themselves as minorities.

Other findings in the report included 36% of students reported their parents’ highest level of education as a high school diploma or less, and 28% of test-takers reported English was not exclusively their first language, up from Class of 2011’s 27%.

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