Student Spotlight: Don Savoth, Harrison –

Donald Savoth, Jr., 39, is a father of four boys, who range in age from five to 16. His occupation is in machine operation, but he is currently on layoff status. He has been married to his wife Lisa since 2003. Recently, Savoth made the decision to pursue a college education to better prepare him for future career endeavors. He chose to enroll in Harrison College and is currently studying online for his Associate of Applied Science in Business Management.

What made you choose this particular school?

Savoth: “I chose Harrison College based on its solid history as a highly recognized school of business since 1902. I had researched a few different online schools with the focus on seeking a deep educational experience, not a fast track diploma mill. My future as a business owner has to be carefully planned step by step, and I chose Harrison College to prepare me in the best way to successfully run my business with the education to back it.”

How did you decide on your field of study?

Savoth: “I decided on my field of study when I had come to the table with my business idea and I looked at what I needed to begin my journey the RIGHT way. I have over 6 years of related work experience in the field that I am starting my business in, but felt in order to more than just “run” a business, I wanted to be prepared for any bumps in the road, as well as ways to keep my business’ future strong in a competitive market. The programs and curriculum of Harrison’s business management program covered in depth all of the areas I was seeking educational strength in and re-enforcement in some management skills I obtained in my past employment.”

What made you choose online education?

Savoth: “Online education was a choice based on my family commitments and my wife’s work schedule. It has been very convenient and it gives me the flexibility to manage my time, whereas if I was to attend in-school classes, I know based on the way my family’s crazy schedule is, I would miss classes and not only waste class time and resources, but would derail my journey towards business ownership. Harrison College makes it very easy to manage your classes – they are available to help you whenever you need them and instruction is clearly presented and at a relaxing pace. What I like is the ability to view and interact with other students during discussions each week and talk about different views and opinions.”

How do you balance your course load with your other obligations?

Savoth: “I balance my studies and classes by working them into the downtime after the responsibilities with my family are done for the day. When my kids are in school I find is the best time ever, with quiet and peace of mind. Online classes give you that great flexibility to attend college while living your normal life without the crushing pressures of schedule conflicts at home.”

Tell me about your online peer group.

Savoth: “My classmates are educationally driven towards making a better life for themselves and their families. I read discussions where their goals are strong and family oriented, especially towards their children. We all have that strong desire to better ourselves and provide a better life for our children, which I share along with my personal commitment towards business ownership, contributing to the economy and manufacturing sector. Students encourage each other’s goals and dreams; there is great support and great attitudes from the classmates I have had so far.”

What do you hope to do with your degree upon completion of the program?

Savoth: “Once I have completed and earned my degree I will include it in my management background section of my business plan, and send it off to the plan writers. I will contact my investors and begin the negotiation process towards opening my business. This degree literally holds the keys of my business in its hands.”

What advice would you offer other students who might be considering online education?

Savoth: “My advice to students seeking online education would be to choose carefully! Research your choices based on what type of future you seek, and make sure there is broad subject matter. Compare with other schools and also make sure you can stay committed to what you started. Stay organized and passionate about what you are doing. Seek a school that has that online convenience, but also has equal commitment from your instructors. Cost is always a priority in today’s times, but so is quality education and yes, maybe one school may be cheaper, but you know the old saying: ‘you get what you paid for.’ Compare, then decide what’s right for you. I chose Harrison College because of its great history and student commitment, and I am happy with my choice 100%.”

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