8 Men’s Clothing Items That Say “Maturity” –

Whoops! You slept through the Monday morning alarm! Now you’ve got less than 10 minutes to get yourself dressed and get yourself to work. So where do you go to choose your office attire? Why, the floor of your bedroom of course! Look under the bed — hey! Not one but TWO socks! They don’t match, but they’re both dark, so that’s cool, right? And balled up in the corner where your cat was sleeping — woo hoo! It’s your favorite long-sleeved T-shirt with the ironed-on Rush logo, the one with that naked dude and the pentagram! Okay, listen up guys: this beyond-casual Friday wardrobe just ain’t gonna fly, anywhere – Arkansas, Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, not during the work week, anyway. If you are 21 or older and still dress like Dennis the Menace or a high school-aged stoner, then scrounge up some cash and buy one or all of these eight men’s clothing items that say you’re an adult now!

  1. Black leather dress shoes:

    Let’s start from the ground up. One pair of well-made, black leather shoes will go a long way toward giving your wardrobe a serious upgrade. Cheap shoes will not only look cheap, but will start to smell after a short while, since they’re usually made out of man-made materials. Go for a pair of oxford lace-up shoes and wear them with a two-piece suit. A second pair of less formal, but still well-made shoes can compliment more casual khaki and dress shirt combinations.

  2. Dress socks:

    Do not, we repeat, do not wear white tube socks with black dress shoes. Or black casual socks with black dress shoes. Take time to buy at least a few pairs of dress socks, choosing colors that match the pants you have in your wardrobe. Socks with patterns are okay, but choose wisely, taking time to match the sock colors with the shirts and pants in your closet.

  3. Suit:

    Buying a suit doesn’t have to be scary, but it does require you do a little bit of homework. One suit is great, two (one grey, one brown or navy) is even better. If you’re job requires you wear suits each day of the week, we’ll assume your salary is high enough that you can afford to buy five or more suits for your wardrobe. Take time to find a good tailor who can make sure each suit you wear looks like it was made just for you.

  4. Underwear:

    You’ve heard the old joke where when a mother is told her son died in a horrible car wreck, her first question for the police is, “Did he have on clean underwear?” For reasons best explored by psychiatrists, most men will hang on to a pair of jockey shorts until they look like they went through a cheese grater. Before your underwear has truly had it, treat yourself to a new pair or two, and whether you like boxers or briefs, make the effort to buy quality (not to mention the correct size!). Your mother will be relieved.

  5. Watch:

    Wearing a watch, believe it or not, is one of those signifiers that tells people, “I’m a grown up, I’m on a schedule, can we keep this rolling, please?” Classic, leather-strapped watches go well with casual as well as more formal clothing while metal watches work for suits and sports jackets. Plastic and cloth band watches should be left at home in your sock drawer. Remember to wear your watch on your left wrist.

  6. Belt:

    When choosing a belt size, as a rule, once a belt is fastened make sure there’s enough length to tuck under your first belt loop. Any less or any additional length looks weird. Wear a belt that’s two or three sizes larger than your pants waist size and you’ll be in good shape. Wear a brown belt with brown shoes, a black belt with black shoes.

  7. Ties:

    Were you forever scarred at the age of, say, six or seven by the crestfallen look that appeared on your father’s face after he opened up his birthday present from you only to find that you had bought him … a tie? Was it a tie with Daffy Duck screaming his head off pictured on it? Well, you were a kid, and you didn’t know any better. Now that you’re an adult, avoid buying novelty ties as you’ll probably never find yourself in a situation where wearing one is even remotely appropriate. Buy yourself a few ties in colors darker than the colors of the shirts you own, although you should feel free to try various combinations and ties with patterns. Your tie when knotted should hang just above the top of your belt.

  8. Khaki trousers:

    Many believe you should “dress up” for the job you want, not for the job you currently have. But in the real world, you have some flexibility with what you wear and when, and owning a least a few pair of khaki pants will allow you to dress up without looking like you’re dressing up. In addition to khaki trousers, buy yourself an iron so you can keep your new adult wardrobe more or less free of wrinkles.