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Everyone’s online these days, but in the age of Facebook, interactivity, and constant advertising, just being online isn’t enough anymore. To really stand out, you have to find the absolute most effective way to advertise your business, online or off.

A recent infographic from Marketing Zeus sheds light on the best way to advertise online, explaining online advertising market share, popular types of online ads, and the kind of advertising that online customers seem to prefer. The verdict? Customization and interactivity win out over standard content.

This revelation is totally in line with what HubSpot found in its research. If you recall from our recent blog post, marketing is becoming increasingly more personal as consumers begin to push for more ads that are highly relevant to them. Consumers are so keen to get personal, in fact, that 62% of adults under 34 are willing to share their location for more relevant content.

The infographic from Marketing Zeus shows an increasing trend to online advertising, a venue that offers more opportunities for personalization than print and TV ads. Not surprisingly, Internet advertising is on the rise, surpassing print ads by $5 billion, thanks to a 12.1% increase in spending this year. Many of those dollars are going to Google, which represents 44.1% of all online ad spending. Facebook, which offers a much more interactive online advertising experience, represents just 3.1% of online ad spending.

Overwhelmingly, Facebook users prefer to see immersive and interactive ad units over standard content banner ads, with 72% of Facebook app users preferring them. The survey findings confirm what we’ve already been sure of: standard online banners and videos just aren’t enough anymore in today’s social world. Ads have to become interactive to achieve customer engagement.

So what’s the most effective way to advertise online? The infographic indicates that customers are 26% more likely to respond to messages tailored to personal interest, and 22% more likely to respond to promotions that are specific to their location. Other ads that get a good response? Promotions that are contextually relevant to actions, specific to time, and those that use attention-grabbing phrases.

There’s no one magic bullet that can offer the most effective online advertising, but there’s a lot to be learned here. Getting interactive, going mobile, and considering personalization can really make a difference in your online advertising effectiveness.

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