How Valuable is a Flexible Work Life?

What would you give up to have a flexible work life balance? If you’re a member of Generation Y, chances are, it’s a lot. According to a Labor Day infographic from Mom Corps, Flexibility is one of the most important factors that adults consider when looking for a new job, and Gen-Y’ers are willing to give up an average of 13.9% of their salary in order to have more flexibility at work.

But it’s not just Generation Y that values a great work life balance, and plenty of people are willing to pay for it: nearly half (45%) of all working adults are willing to give up some percentage of their salary for more flexibility at work. In fact, 8.6% is the average proportion of their salary that working adults are willing to relenquish. That’s up from last year’s figure of 5.8%, nearly double!

What’s behind this desire for a good work life balance? Many are in pursuit of a chance to “have it all.” According to the survey, 67% of working adults believe that you can have it all with a good work life balance. Men and women are pretty evenly matched in this regard, with 68% of women, and 66% of men believing they can have it all when it comes to work life balance.

Today’s working adults are pursuing work life balance in a few different ways. Working at home is one, with more than half (53%) of working adults believing that they could get more work done if they were able to occasionally work from home. Gen-Y’ers in particular believe working at home would be good with productivity, with 62% sharing a positive response to working at home. Another way workers are achieving a work life balance is through business ownership: 52% of working adults are interested in starting their own business in order to achieve a better work life balance. Men approaching middle age are particularly keen to this idea: 75% of men ages 35-44 think they’d like to start a business for better work life balance.

However adults today are finding work life balance, it’s clear that this is an increasingly important issue in the workplace. As more employees begin to desire and even demand better resources for work life balance, we may see that more employers make access to these resources easier, bringing in more telecommuting options, flexible schedules, and other perks that make it easier to balance the juggle of modern life.

Is work life balance an important workplace issue for you? How much do you think a good work life balance is worth?

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