Business Jobs Top Pick for Recent Grads –

The University of California San Diego Extension recently released a report highlighting the hottest careers for recent and mid-career college graduates, and market research analysts ranked pretty high on the list.

The report features a list of 18 popular job categories that can usually be attained by recent college graduates, generally with a bachelor’s degree. The careers were determined based on an analysis of wage and employment information, which included the following factors: current rates of employment, projected growth for jobs, median wage, typical work environments, and how easy it is to bridge into the field.

Market research analysts/data miners were ranked fourth on the list with a median salary of $60,570 a year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree in business administration is helpful in landing this job.

Other notable hot jobs related to business that made the list were cost estimators, ranked fifth, personal financial advisors, ranked fifteenth, and management analysts, ranked sixteenth.

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