Website Aims to Help Students Save on Books –

The cost of a college education is an issue most people are aware of. Students are always looking to shave some money off of college expenses, which is what prompted the creation of Campus Shift.

Launched in September 2011, Campus Shift is the collaborative effort of a handful of college students and graduates who wanted to help students find the cheapest price for textbooks online and at their college campuses.

Campus Shift is an online community that searches dozens of online sites to locate the least expensive price for a new book, used book, e-book, or rental. Students are also able to find out what the resale value of the book is at the time. It’s free for students and has a mobile site available as well.

In a press release, Campus Shift president and founder Derek Haake explained that the textbook marketplace can be overwhelming for college students.

“We simplify the process and tell the student exactly what the lowest price will be for them online, and what they can expect to be able to sell their book back for at the end of the semester,” Haake stated. “Then the student can check their bookstore prices for a comparison and make the best purchasing decision possible.”

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