Nonprofit: Tips on Employee Retention –

Not-for-profit community development managers across the nation shared their insight about what it takes to attract and retain young professionals at a recent symposium in Cincinnati.

Washington, D.C.-based NeighborWorks, an organization that helps place lower-income people in affordable homes in safe and sustainable neighborhoods, hosted the symposium, which included various panels of mangers and young professionals.

Panelists named several factors that attract young professionals in such a competitive job market:

  • Provide professional development opportunities: Not-for-profits can partner with community and four-year colleges to help money for professional development go further.
  • Be clear with expectations: Policies and guidelines should be clearly defined in order to avoid confusion.
  • Think outside the hiring box: By hiring talented people who are willing to train new staff members for specific jobs, managers will help retain those workers who are not focused on a particular career path, but want to take on new tasks to help the organization progress.
  • Provide access to board members and other senior leadership: The benefit in this is two-fold: young staff members obtain a broader look at the organization and board members can be exposed to fresh ideas.
  • Stay competitive with salary: Though not-for-profits typically can’t offer the same pay as a Fortune 500 company, a competitive salary combined with other benefits may definitely help.
  • Make work fun: A few, small celebrations or parties can go a long way.

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