Student Perspective: Patricia Hughes TWU –

Patricia Hughes earned her bachelor’s degree from a traditional four-year university, but she turned to online education to pursue her graduate degree. She earned her master’s through a program completely online and is currently pursuing her Executive Master in Business Administration through a hybrid program. For Hughes – who is married and working as a proposal writer for a health care management organization – online education was the right fit.

How did you decide which school to enroll in?

Hughes: “I chose Texas Woman’s University because I had already completed my online Master in Health Studies degree with them. I liked the school, so I decided to look into other programs that were offered.”

Why did you decide to choose the online EMBA program?

Hughes: “I chose this program because I felt like I would have more stability in my future career and it would distinguish me from other job applicants in general. Initially, I was in a different degree program, but a lot of the courses I was taking were EMBA classes and I enjoyed those a lot more. The classes were more inspiring, and I felt like I gained information I could use in real life. It wasn’t just about learning what was in the textbooks. I learned things about myself that I could apply to my daily life and way of thinking.”

What made you decide to try online education?

Hughes: “I chose online education because I didn’t have the option of being a full-time student again. I had bills, I had responsibilities, and I had to work, and online was the easiest way for me to kill two birds with one stone.”

You’re currently enrolled in a hybrid degree program. How is it set up?

Hughes: “It’s a two-year program. We meet in a classroom three Saturdays a semester and the rest is online.”

Tell me about your peer group.

Hughes: “All of us are working adults. There are people from all walks of life. I’ve had some classes with a few stay-at-home moms who are looking to get back into the workforce as well as bank managers and people who run hospital divisions.”

What advice would you offer other students considering online education?

Hughes: “The best piece of advice I can give is to have a plan – know exactly what you want to do and take the steps needed in order to reach your career goals. It’s best to research the job market and create a plan that will help you to reach the career you desire.”

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