8 Necessary Home Office Technology Pieces –

It’s 2012, and technology is here to stay. If you’re one of the new-school telecommuters that works from home, consider yourself lucky. But the lack of a traditional, shared office space could create a rift in the supply chain if telecommuters aren’t careful. Lucky for you, we know just how to pimp your ride office. You need these eight essential pieces of technology in your home office no matter where you telecommute: Maine, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Connecticut, Arkansas.

  1. Computer

    If you’re working from home, your computer is both your workstation and your portal to the world. Telecommuters must have access to the tools and connectivity they require to perform all necessary duties. And the bigger and faster, the better. Those that work with graphics should make sure to have a large monitor display.

  2. Printer

    Inkjet or laser? Do you print photos? Also need a scanner? Fax machine? Copier? There are too many options surrounding this piece of technology, but choosing the right printer for your home office can be paramount (or tantamount) to your success. Go as high-quality as you can; people remember paper.

  3. Phone

    You can’t have an office without a phone. And smart phones mean a whole new kind of office. Having a functional way to get what you need on-the-go is necessary for today’s worker, especially one that works outside of a traditional office. Although landline usage is markedly decreasing, there are still some positive reasons for having one, especially if you’re required to be on the phone all the time. VOIP calling is also popular, as is video chat via Skype. Make sure you have accessible voice mail that you check regularly.

  4. Scanner

    If you don’t have an all-in-one printer, make sure your home office includes a scanner. You’ll need this machine for digitizing photos and important documents. Have a scanner that speaks to your specific needs: if you don’t use it for photographs, a cheaper model will do. Additionally, many smartphones offer dozens of scanner apps for purchase. Mobile workers swear by them.

  5. External Hard Drive

    You don’t want to get caught without your files. Always have a backup plan. Losing important files or sets of information can set you back and cost you money. If you don’t want to lose vital information, photos, or your work product, your home office should have at least one means of backup. A large external hard drive will do the trick.

  6. Photo Printer

    If your business involves photography or design, you need a state of the art photo printer. High-resolution images should print quickly and beautifully, and your proofs should be top quality. You never know when you’ll need to create a quick portfolio or brochure, and having the tools at your fingertips can save you time and money.

  7. Warming Mouse

    Are cold hands the new cold feet? WarmMouse sells warming mice and heated keyboards, and to rave reviews. If your home office is teched out, this addition will make your overworked hands happy.

  8. Television

    Are you a news junkie? Do you work with stocks? Or do you just like to watch The History Channel while you plug away at your computer. If Twitter, Facebook, and E-Mail updates aren’t enough, an office TV can be a fantastic passive source of information, and an unobtrusive aid to your home office’s appeal.