Group Starts Site About College Financing –

The National College Finance Center is a new website created to educate families across the country on how to evaluate their options for financing a college education. Serving as a free interactive resource, the website offers users state-specific information about obtaining grants and scholarships as well as direction in navigating the world of student loans. Students who already accrued student loan debt will receive customized information about efficient ways to pay down debt.

The website was unveiled at a press conference Tuesday by Glee actress Jane Lynch, who supports the initiative because she has family members currently dealing with the student loan process.

Main principles of the National College Finance Center are:

  • Provide the best resources and ideas for a higher education finance plan
  • Take maximum advantage of available grant and scholarship options
  • Minimize debt accrued in acquiring a college education
  • Understand all student loans are not created equal
  • Understand important repayment strategies that will save money and stress

Attendees at the press conference were also presented with the ongoing grassroots awareness campaign “Don’t Major in Debt.” The campaign is to work in conjunction with the National College Finance Center to educate students and their families on how to avoid college debt.

The campaign has established a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and college campuses in recent months.

The new website was developed and implemented by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation. The New York Public Interest Research Group collaborated with boutique media agency The Field to direct a dynamic national public service announcement campaign to promote these new resources.

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