Webinar For Young Parents in College –

The Student Parent Success Initiative of The Institute for Women’s Policy’s Research will host a free webinar about how low-income student parents can receive federal support. The Pregnancy Assistance Fund is a federal initiative $25 million grant program that provides the means to assist adolescents and young adults who are pregnant or already parenting obtain a high school or college education.

The webinar will focus on early program lessons and strategies used by the grantees who strive to support college education among young parents.

Speakers for the webinar are:

  • Evelyn Kappeler, Acting Director for Office of Adolescent Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Susan Warfield, Program Director for the Student Parent HELP Center, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Jaimie Edwards-Caleb, Pregnancy Assistance Fund Grant Coordinator, Virginia Department of Health
  • Tiffany Boiman, Senior Outreach and Policy Associate, IWPR (Moderator)

The webinar is July 25 from 2-3:15pm EST. Participants can submit questions and comments, and the presenters will address them at the end of the event. Register online.

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