Brandman Launches New Online Associate Degree Program

Online students at Brandman University will now be able to earn a degree in General Education, due to the launch of a new Associate of Arts degree program.

The program is open to students with no college experience, a new direction for the school because previously Brandman did not accept students with less than 12 credit units. Rita Wilds, Director of Public Relations and Advancement for Brandman, attributed issues like overcrowding in public schools and limited access to advisors leading to college freshmen being under prepared.

The addition of the Associate of Arts program at Brandman was modeled to help tackle that issue by offering strong support and advising to students entering college. Under that same model, the school has chosen to extend its services to students with less college experience.

Sometimes pegged as a major for the indecisive, the generality of a General Education degree can make for a smooth transition to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a broad field like Business.

“Students should always pursue something that interests them,” Wilds said. “Business is very popular because it is so general. You can’t really go wrong with it. You can always major in business and specialize in something like accounting or product management – all those businesses that are wide open.”

Brandman is now accepting applications for its online Associate of Arts degree program. Classes are scheduled to begin in the fall.

For information about Brandman’s AA Program in General Education, visit the website. To learn more about Brandman’s other degree programs in business, visit the website about online programs offered.

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