Can Your Finances Cut it in the Real World?

Can Your Finances Cut it in the Real World?

Whether you’re an undergrad or in grad school, chances are that you’ve spent the last few years under the financial shelter of student loans, and possibly lots of parental help. But when you graduate, the real world sets in, and you’ll be expected to pay your own way. recently shared a great infographic: Applied Finance 101, offering a guide to supporting yourself in the real world, considering employment, options beyond traditional jobs, student loans, debt payments, lifestyle, and more.

In a world where teenagers think their starting salary will be $73,000, this infographic offers an excellent dose of reality for those about to enter the workforce. For the record, your first full time job is more likely to earn you around $36,000, if you get it (these days, only 56.9% of new grads find a full time job within a year of graduation).

New grads would do well to take a look at this detailed examination of post-college finances. It’s got lots of great information, most importantly sharing estimates for reasonable amounts to spend on rent, food, and even a used car. This information is useful for keeping a reality check on your financial life and expectations.

Check out the graphic for all the details, and get started on planning your post-business school financial life today.

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