Summer School for Entrepreneurs

The summer slump has an impact on more than just grade schoolers: college and grad students suffer, too. Relaxing is a lot of fun, and great for coming back recharged in the fall, but be careful not to let learning fall by the wayside in these summer months. You can, of course, enroll in summer school, but if you’re looking for something a little less restrictive, you can always take on your own educational efforts this summer. These are just a few ideas:

  • Take community classes: If you’re attending business school, it’s easy to look down on community college courses or even continuing education opportunities in your community, but these types of courses cover useful information that you might be skipping right over in your regular classes. Plan on doing business in foreign countries? Take a language class this summer. Writing classes, even photography classes, can help you build essential skills for business that you might not be learning in school. Check out your community’s educational opportunities to consider which classes might be the most helpful for you.
  • Read a book (or two, or more…): There’s no shortage of business and entrepreneurship books out there for you to read. Biographies are a great place to start, as are books on leadership. Sure, you’re reading plenty of books in school these days, but summer reading gives you the opportunity to pick and choose what you really want to learn about.
  • Do an internship: Working for someone else, even for free, might sound unthinkable for budding entrepreneurs. But working under the tutelage of trusted professionals just might give you the opportunity and knowledge you need to better understand your future as an entrepreneur. Work with an organization that has a similar structure to what you’d ultimately like to do so that you can see how it’s done in the real world before you step out on your own.
  • Start a business: Take the plunge! Put your summer months of freedom to good use and finally get to do all of the business stuff you never have time to get to during the school year. Join a summer business incubator program, and come back in the fall with a business that you can get your professors and classmates to help out with.

Summer is a great time to kick back, and although relaxation is important, if you want to stay ahead, you’ll have to stay active to beat the summer slump. How do you plan to further your business education this summer?