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Arizona State University is a publicly funded research institution in Tempe, Ariz. The school boasts a student body of 72,254 (in 2011) and awards bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees both online and in a traditional setting. ASU’s programs and degrees are highly ranked by national publications including The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report.

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Arizona State University’s online undergraduate degree programs can give any student the tools they need to build a successful career. Though online, students will undertake a challenging course of study that demands self-motivation and time management to meet deadlines.

Tuition: Undergraduate degree programs will cost $442 per credit as of the Fall 2012 term.

Business/Information Technology Degree Programs

Communication (BS)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The BS in Communication program focuses on teaching students how communication processes create, maintain and transform identities, workplaces and communities.

Film and Media Studies (BA)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The BA in Film and Media Studies provides students with the skills to succeed in the entertainment industry, including film, television and new media, as well as local arts organizations.

Food Industry Management (BS)
College of Technology and Innovation
The BS in Food Industry Management prepares students for business careers in the processing, marketing and distribution of food beyond the farm to retail stores, restaurants, and institutions.

Health Sciences (BAS)
School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
The BAS in Health Sciences is a fully online program, ideal for people in health-related fields who have an Associate of Applied Science degree and want to earn their four-year degree.

Internet and Web Development (BAS)
College of Technology and Innovation
This BAS program is a flexible, 60-credit-hour degree designed specifically for students who have earned an AAS from a regionally accredited institution.

Operations Management Technology (BAS)
College of Technology and Innovation
A concentration in operations management technology provides the tools needed for success as a manager, including organization, motivation and hiring skills, as well as resource development.

Organizational Studies (BIS)
School of Letters and Sciences
The BIS in Organizational Studies is designed for students seeking an interdisciplinary degree and a desire to learn about the dynamics of contemporary organizations.

Technical Communication (BS)
School of Letters and Sciences
In the BS in Technical Communication program, students learn how to produce, design and manage information, using both traditional and developing technologies.

Technological Entrepreneurship and Management (BS)
College of Technology and Innovation
The program delivers a foundation in technology-based innovation with an emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship and management fundamentals, with a special focus on Project Leadership and Process Innovation and Development.

Additional Undergraduate Degree Programs

History (BA)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The BA in History is an interdisciplinary degree designed to give students an understanding of the development of human society and the political, social, economic, and cultural dynamics that influence today’s complex world.

Criminology and Criminal Justice (BS)
College of Public ProgramsThe BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice is an exciting option that provides online students with the same dynamic quality of education offered in on-campus courses and a solid background in the field of criminal justice.

Family and Human Development (BS)
College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe BS in Family and Human Development equips students with specialized knowledge in human development from infancy through the life span, as well as the formation, development and dissolution of families.

Political Science (BA or BS)College of Liberal Arts and SciencesA BS or BA in Political Science equips students with the skills and knowledge to lead within a democratic system of government and in the rapid globalization of political institutions and economies.

Psychology (BA)New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and SciencesThe BA in Psychology equips students with skills in critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative research, and the ability to interact effectively with groups of people from diverse backgrounds.

Religious Studies (BA)College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe BA of Religious Studies offers a largely customizable curriculum that explores the diversity of the religions of the world within their particular historical, social and cultural contexts.

Sociology (BS)College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe BS in Sociology is a dynamic degree that studies social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
School of Letters and Sciences
The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies teaches students to answer questions, solve problems, and address contemporary topics and social issues from multiple perspectives.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies
School of Letters and Sciences
The BLS program offers students course work from more than two dozen disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. It aims to train students to communicate effectively, to think both creatively and critically, and to work across disciplines.

Justice Studies (BS)College of Liberal Arts and SciencesThe BS in Justice Studies is designed for students interested in studying the multiple meanings and manifestations of justice and social change, both locally and globally.

Nursing (RN to BSN) (BSN)College of Nursing and Health InnovationThere is huge demand today for highly qualified, well-educated nursing professionals. As an older adult population grows, the complexity and need for evidence-based care delivered by RNs will only increase.