10 Industries That Boom in Summer

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. While fish might not be jumping, and you may not have a clue what a cotton plant looks like when it’s growing high, there’s one thing you’ll definitely experience this summer: buying something. And in the dog days of the year, there are seasonal businesses that flourish and others that flounder. While fireworks didn’t quite make the cut, be sure to enjoy these 10 other industries that completely, um, boom in the summer especially in states like Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Florida.

  1. HVAC

    It’s the hottest part of the year. Of course the air conditioning industry will be in full swing. Especially for those in the Sun Belt, there’s not many things that most people can do productively in a sweltering office. And because they’re the angels that keep your industry running, be sure to be nice to your air conditioning man! Your best bet residentially is to have a summer check-up on your units, and to change your air filters at least once a month.

  2. Sunglasses

    In a cloudless world, the sunglassed man is king. And if you’re ready for summer, you know you’ve got to be ready to deal with the bright rays of sunshine that feed you Vitamin D and cancer. Whether you’re a Ray Ban Wayfarers type, are into big paparazzi shields (can it; no one’s following you around with cameras), or you prefer the sporty polarized look that you can only get with Oakleys, sunnies are the standard for the long, hot days to come.

  3. Lemons

    While the agricultural industry does its thing year-round, there’s lots to be said for your favorite summer citrus. How many lemonade stands can you count in your neighborhood? When the temperature increases, so does demand for this deliciously sour citrus fruit. Next time you sit in the sun sipping raspberry lemonade and eating a lemon bar, remember that you’re repping one of nature’s tartest gifts.

  4. Travel Accommodations

    They don’t call it summer vacation for nothing. The travel accommodations industry does great most of the year, but it’s no surprise that the hot months are their peak times. In the past two months, approximately 25,000 industry jobs have been posted to employment websites and recruiters. Even when it’s too hot and gas is too expensive, lots of people still find the money and effort needed to take a quick break from it all.

  5. Gas

    Have you been watching the news lately? According to a few news sources (more like political pundits), U.S. gas prices may rise as high as $5 per gallon this summer. We do know, according to ABC News, that we can expect at least a 6% increase in prices this summer. In a recent report, the U.S. Travel Association stated that more than half of summer vacationers claimed that a hike in gas prices would affect their personal summer travel plans. But would they completely obliterate them? We think not. The joy of the American roadtrip is legendary, and many families have places to scoot this summer.

  1. Cruise Ships

    Although winter is the peak time for snow birds to take their flight, the summer is also a prime time to take a cruise. “The cruise industry has virtually reshaped tourism across the world, and once never-thought-of countries with little or no interest in cruise tourism have not only embraced it, but are now pumping millions of dollars into this market,” the Antigua & Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association president Nathan Dundas has stated. Bookings overall might be a bit down, but the slow and steady economic recovery begs for the cruise ship industry to depart for clearer waters again soon.

  2. Swimwear

    Whether you’re into the teeny bikini or board shorts, swimwear is king in the summer, and you’d better be beachwear ready. The fashion industry never had it so hard — how do they make you look chic if you’re nearly naked? Clearly, designers and swimwear engineers alike have answered; the industry boasts a $13.25 billion per year gross, with $8 billion of that going directly to the sales of women’s two-piece bikinis in the United States.

  3. Summer Work Travel

    Did you have any idea this was an industry? Well, it is — to the tune of $100 million per year. College students from all over want to travel in their time off from classes, and there’s often a work element added. And here’s where the industry comes in. Under the banner of cultural exchange, students work and produce, as well as consume, in their preferred travel areas. If you’re hoping that you or someone you know and love will try this out this summer, and to get your travel-work visa (called a J-1), visit the official government site here.

  4. Sunscreen

    If it’s got sun in the title, you know that it booms in summer. While sunscreen is incorporated into many makeup products that sell year round, this industry booms when the sun brightly beams. And apparently there’s a difference in sunblock and sunscreen, as well as many SPFs to choose from. Whatever protection level you need, block those UV rays and breathe a little easier while you enjoy the weather.

  5. The Olympics

    London is as lucky as it is cursed. The honor of the Summer Olympics is a huge one, and can be great for television, rising sports star endorsements, and the locale of the games. But there’s also traffic issues, infrastructure, and safety concerns that plague this year’s chosen city right under the surface. But every four years, there’s another great sportsmanship story, and another great locale gets to show off its chops. Here’s hoping that you’ll light your own torch, get your tickets, tune into your sets, bust out your sparklers, and wave your tiny flags — the Olympics are opening June 27th, and it’s bound to be big business, and big fun.