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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Effective February 12, 2016

Thank you for using We appreciate your interest in our website content and services. Here, we will outline the policies regulating our site, and the manner in which we gather and utilize information to improve our site, and maximize our user experience. When you use our website, you are assumed to be in agreement with the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is subject to change should alter our practices in any way. We strongly suggest that you consult this page from time to time to ensure you are aware of our most up to date policies related to user privacy and otherwise.

Kinds of information collected

Like most websites, gathers information about our users. This information will typically fall under two categories:

  1. Submitted Information – This is any information the user voluntarily submits on our site. This information is typically submitted when a user completes one of our informational web forms. Such information can include degree information, phone number, and email address.
  2. Automatic Information – This is information that is automatically gathered and stored anytime a user accesses our web page. Such information can include a user’s IP address, operating system version, and browser version.

Purpose of collecting information

Submitted Information – Submitted information typically includes contact information, such as name, telephone number, mailing address, and email address. This data allows us to send you relevant information about educational programs, services, and products you request, and to inform you about additional educational options relevant to your interests. We also share data with our affiliated partners, ranging from schools to third-party vendors who also can supply a wealth of information about educational services and products. By providing your information, you are granting both us and any affiliates or partners the right to contact you regarding educational services and products, in accordance with any pertinent laws.

Automatic Information and “Cookies” – Automatic information is typically used to improve our website and enhance our user experience. Cookies are an example of automatic information. Cookies are small data files that a website can store in a user’s web browser. This information is anonymous, and may be used in partnership with third-party service providers and other vendors for some of the following purposes:

  • “Lead auditing” – We use cookies for “lead auditing,” which helps us confirm the validity of any information submitted on our site.
  • Web Analytics – Cookies store information, including demographics of our users, that help us conduct web analytics. This anonymous data help us make changes to our site for web optimization and improved user experience. Our web analytics are mainly conducted through Google Analytics, which is a tool from Google, Inc. For more information about Google Analytics, visit Google’s privacy policy:
  • Advertising – Some cookies are used for advertising purposes. Frequently called “third-party cookies” because they are shared with and utilized by third-party marketers and vendors, advertising cookies provide advertisers with anonymous information about users. This information allows advertisers to serve better, more relevant advertisements, and to track the effectiveness of advertising, marketing, and conversion. Such cookies never contain personally identifiable information. Users retain their anonymity, but receive more relevant ads.

User consent

Because you are using our website, you are assumed to be in acknowledgement and agreement with the aforementioned practices. You are also assumed to be in agreement with the following:

  1. You agree that information gathered by our site might be exchanged with our partner schools, affiliates and other third parties. Such information is shared with such organizations with the purpose of providing you with more information about relevant programs or educational services and products.
  2. You agree that information gathered by our site may need to be shared with businesses that provide us with administrative services, including email delivery services. Such information may or may not be personally identifiable.
  3. You agree that, by submitting personal information to, you are allowing us to share contact information with our third party partners, including marketers and vendors, as well as schools. You are also allowing them the right to contact you via telephone, text message, email or post mail with the intent of offering you information about educational services and products, in the form of marketing or otherwise.
  4. You agree that, by offering your contact information, you are surrendering those rights granted to you by any federal or state Do Not Call list or other relevant laws for some length of time. You therefore exempt us and our partners, affiliates, and vendors from such Do Not Call restrictions, and might also relinquish rights under other similar laws.
  5. You agree that any information you may have submitted on our site might be released in the event of a legal or governmental necessity, including but not limited to a subpoena. We will only assert such a right when deemed essential to protecting ourselves from fraud or otherwise, protecting the safety of you and others, or complying with government or legal necessity. Such information may also be shared in the event that should undergo any merger, acquisition, or sale with a third party.

You agree with all procedures governing our use of cookies, Google Analytic’s use of cookies, and our third-party affiliates’ use of our cookies.

Opting Out

Users who would prefer to opt-out of some of our policies and practices have several options, including:

  1. Opt-out of emails – Users can opt out of any emails from us or any of our partners at any time. Simply open the email in question and follow the “Unsubscribe” link. You will subsequently be removed from that email list and will not receive another email from that particular sender.
  2. Opt-out of cookies – You can remove our cookies at any time. Simply access “cookies” on your web browser and delete them. If desired, you may need to do so upon every visit to our site.
  3. Opt-out of personalized advertising – You can choose to avoid most targeted advertising on the Internet. Members of the National Advertising Initiative (NAI), as well as advertisers who follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles offer “opt out” opportunities. Simply visit the NAI website and the DAA website and access the opt-out pages. You should generally be blocked from most personalized advertising when you surf the web.

Contact Us

If you have any remaining questions or concerns pertaining to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please let us know by filling out our Contact form.

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